You may change your device’s password, and then suddenly find yourself unable to turn it back; hence you may fall on serious problems. Particularly, if your phone includes interesting files such as phone numbers of people you need; actually you are going to format your device. What if I make a way for you to pass the password no matter how difficult and on any kind of android phone, it would be wonderful, isn’t it? Here is the explanation:

In order to share with you a very dangerous program which enable you to bypass the password of any android phone, as fast as you can just in thirty second. The absolute benefit is that you will not lose any of your phone data, even if the phone is not yours.

The method is too easy, and will not require any experience or knowledge. Therefore, all what you have to do is downloading the “Jurassic UniAndroid”, it is a rare software; you can download it from the links bellow:

[Mirror1] [Mirror2]

After downloading and installing the software on your device, open it to find its interface as shown in the figure below;

Now, plug the locked android device and choose “rest pin/su” to bypass the lock code in case it was a password. However, if it was a pattern, you have to opt for “rest pattern” if you do not succeed try again by choosing the same option without “su”.

Then, your phone will restart automatically and if you find the password still exist, do not worry about it, just input any  password and it will unlock the phone directly and easily.

The program can be used in a dangerous/illegal way, such as in the case of stolen phone will be accessible to the owner, something that could result in serious problems with the data. Please use the program in a rational way, nothing else. This software is widely used by phone maintenance service shops due to its ease and multiple uses such as :

  • Bypass the password of all kinds.
  • One click root for any Android phone.
  • Restart the phone and control it directly from your computer.
  • Access to the security situation quite easily (Safe Mode).
  • Make phone calls directly from the computer without the need of a password.


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